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NHA Customers Can Now Access Service Information

April 23, 2018

Customers of the National Housing Authority (NHA) can now have access to their information by contacting a Call Center that is staffed with a customer service professional. According to a press release from the NHA, the newly established Call Center can be contacted by phone seven days a week at any time of the day. “Any one doing business with the NHA should not necessarily come to our headquarters to get clarification or any other needed information,” said NHA Managing Director Hon.

Duannah Siryon. “All the person should do is call to a number and someone there will assist you.” He said the numbers to call are 0777-000-000 / 0886-000-000. “The center is set up in a way that even non-business hours, a customer’s call can be re-routed to the person who can provide the information the person will need,” he said.
Hon Siryon noted that the NHA is taking customer service to an improved level so that “our customers will know that we care for them.” MD Siryon was quoted by the release as saying that it is not everything that a customer would need that he / she should leave home to travel to the headquarters of the NHA. .

We want to make a simple call to worth any customer’s trust so that they will see the new and improved services we are providing to our people,” MD Duannah noted. He said his administration has a new concept of interacting with NHA’s numerous customers. “We are working to ensure that the pro-poor agenda is successful and therefore no one should spend money to travel to our headquarters when a simple call can do the job,” he noted.
MD Duannah said the Liberian people are “our greatest assets and therefore we are determined to work with them and help them realize that we are there for their greatest interest.” The National Housing Authority (NHA) has the statutory responsibility to provide affordable homes for low-income Liberians.
It is presently seeking collaboration with investors, including shelterafrique, a pan-African finance institution created to exclusively support the development of the African real estate and housing sector. Through its strategic partnerships, it offers products and related services which support the efficient delivery of commercial real estate and affordable housing.
The NHA is rebranding its services with a policy framework that places what affects those who do business with it so that “our customers will get to know that they are valuable to us, their concerns are promptly handled and it is because of them that we are running the NHA,” the NHA release quoted MD Siryon as saying.
MD Siryon said his administration wants NHA customers to share their views about the services from its employees and how quickly they are responded to so that both can build a concept of united family in the pursuit of realizing the government’s pro-poor agenda.