“Let’s Keep All Hands-on Deck” Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown encourages staff of the NHA.

June 24, 2019

Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown, Managing Director of the National Housing Authority (NHA), has asked all senior and junior managers of the NHA to keep all-hands-on-deck by being innovative to contribute ideas to make the institution meets its mandate to provide low-cost affordable housing to the people of Liberia

Speaking at an acquaintance meeting on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at the NHA headquarters on Capitol Hill in Monrovia following her appointment as Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, Madam Brown expressed her deepest gratitude to God for His divine favor and grace in her new position. She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to President George Manneh Weah for her preferment and confidence reposed in her. She said contrary to the statutory mandate as enshrined in the April 7, 1960 Act that created the National Housing Authority (which is to initiate, plan and implement housing development programs nationwide), the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) has partly intervene in the sector by implementing the statutory mandate, functions and responsibilities of the institution and therefore advised that both entities herewith, will avoid the duplication so that each institution will function according to the TERM and REFERENCE of their respective ACTS as enshrined.

Madame Brown also used the occasion to encourage banking institutions, companies and investors for a possible partnership arrangement with the National Housing Authority in order to diversify their portfolio by venturing into the construction of affluent communities, so that their profits will not be transferred into foreign markets. Madam Brown reminded senior and junior managers of the NHA to be conscious of their responsibilities to both the entity and the state. She added that her administration will introduce measures that will attract investors, boost employees’ morale and create a conducive and cordial working environment. “Our people deserve adequate and affordable homes,” she said. “They, therefore, look to us for solution-something we must all do collectively with a sense of dedication and focus.” She acknowledged that housing development for low-income citizens is in line with the Government of Liberia’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity and declared that she has no intention to fire employees but pleaded with them to remain law-abiding and take their responsibilities seriously. In response, Mr. C. Raphael During Sr., outgoing Deputy Officer – In- Charge welcomed Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown as the new managing director to the National Housing Authority and assured employees’ unflinching support to her administration.

“National Housing Authority and Shelter Afrique Sign Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of 1000 Housing Units for Low Income”

July 16, 2019

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019 the National Housing Authority (NHA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Shelter Afrique for the provision of 1000 housing units for low income earners. The signing ceremony, was held in Nairobi, Kenya as NHA was represented by Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown, Managing Director, while Shelter Afrique was represented by its Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director Hon. Andrew Chimphondah. Hon. Wiles, who is considered like a godfather for the residents for his material contributions to the residents, said his family will be willing to offer for sale any amount of land that President Weah will need to complete the resettlement of hundreds of West Point residents who need to find a new home.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown, Managing Director of the NHA described the MoU as the formal process of reinforcing existing collaboration between the two organizations since the formation of Shelter Afrique in 1982 and a first step in the right direction of NHA’s strategic partnerships under President’s George M. Weah’s Pro Poor Agenda. Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown pointed that, since the formation of Shelter Afrique in 1982, Liberia has been a potential member of the entity but there has been NO intervention Madame, Brown indicated that her administration was grateful to God the almighty, to have such an unique platform with Shelter Afrique and by the signing of said MoU between the two entities, it sets an historic era at the National Housing Authority – Liberia for the construction of 1000 affordable and affluent communities across country, thus creating job opportunities for many Liberians.

She expressed NHA’s openness to partner with other non-governmental organizations, private sector and communities with shared vision in addressing the housing needs of the vulnerable and low-income Liberians consistent with the Government of Liberia’s Pro-Poor Agenda. Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown termed interventions to be implemented under the partnership as crucial to the sustainable delivery of adequate and affordable housing especially to communities living in slums. She said, under this MoU, NHA commits to receiving the international partner and provide required support for smooth implementation of its programs as Executives of Shelter Afrique is expected in Liberia for a ground breaking ceremony. Also speaking on behalf of Shelter Afrique Hon. Chimphondah, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director Hon. Andrew Chimphondah said, his organization is driven by the vision that everyone needs a decent place to live.

Hon. Chimphondah further emphasizes that both Shelter Afrique and NHA share the vision of providing greater access to adequate, affordable and affluent communities for low income and vulnerable communities and plan to achieve this through working with public, private and community sector partners. Finally, he assured Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown, Managing Director at the NHA on his entity commitment to the process and vow to ensure that the project will be implemented to the fullest. He also confirmed the visit to Liberia for the ground breaking ceremony schedule at a late date to be announce In conclusion, the release highlighted that Shelter Afrique was established in 1982 by African governments, the African Development Banks (AfDB), African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa – Re) and CDC and (UK’s Development Finance Institution) with the mandate of mobilizing resources for housing development in Africa. Shelter Afrique began operations in 1985 and since then have developed a robust portfolio of projects and activities, acquired substantial operational experience and established Shelter Afrique as a credible housing finance institution.

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AXHIS Technical team arrives in Liberia to construction of 50, 000 affordable and Affluent housing units nation- wide

August 8 , 2019

The National Housing Authority (NHA), according to the Act that established it, among others, is charged to build affordable and affluent communities for Liberians. The NHA has received a technical team from AXHIS, a construction firm from neighboring Burkina-Faso, for the provision of 50, 000 affordable and affluent communities in Liberia nation-wide.

According to a press release from the NHA , AXHIS will construct 5, 000 affordable and affluent communities in phase one within six weeks’ time at absolutely NO cost to the Government of Liberia through the National Housing Authority. Making the disclosure at the NHA on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown , Managing Director / NHA said, as a result of the mandate from the President to attract investment opportunities to Liberia, the NHA has entered into negotiations with a Burkina Faso firm ( AXHIS ) and has agreed for the provision of affordable and affluent communities in Liberia.

Another group that demonstrates appreciation for the president and the NHA leadership is the 64 family heads who are presently in temporary homes in VOA, near Brewerville, waiting for the 108 units to be completed to be resettled. At a visit to VOA, many residents expressed appreciation, for the 108 Units (54 Duplexes) that they are waiting to occupy. “I am happy that I came over to VOA,” said Mr. David Broh, coordinator of the Disaster Victims Association of Liberia (DVAL), organized in January 2018, with membership from the 60 family heads in the community. “Today I have a small farm that I take care of my son and so within several months I will be harvesting to take care of myself and my family.”

Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown , also informed the Technical team delegation at NHA that President George Manneh Weah feels passionate about the their visit as it will address the housing situation in the country and therefore mandated the NHA to work along with investment partners to make sure that there is some relief in the shortest possible time for the people of Liberia the release quoted. Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown further narrated that development in the housing sector will also create job opportunity for many youths and will provide related services which will support the efficient delivery of commercial real estate and affordable housing. Hon. Brown believes that with the speed of which offers are being sent from international partners and housing estates companies, it will not be too soon when the government’s objective is realized with affordable and affluent communities for the Liberian poor. In conclusion Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown said the Government through the National Housing Authority and AXHIS came out with a tripartite agreement with the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment, for cash deposit / down payment as the rest is expected to be paid through a mortgage agreement with the LBDI for 10 years the release concluded. For his part AXHIS’ President Hon. Zoungrana said the NHA and President Weah’s initiatives have been welcomed by his company and narrated further that they are not surprised at President Weah’s passionate support to change the lives of ordinary Liberians given his humble lifestyle. Hon. said “President Weah is a leader who cares about others and that is why we have come to Liberia to help him get his dream. Accordingly; my company is prepared to provide more than 50, 000 affordable housing units nation-wide in line with President George Manneh Weah government pro- poor agenda. Hon. further demonstrates the ties between the two sisterly countries as members of the Economic Community of West African States and if goes well his company will place more focus on the F3 category of housing units that will be affordable by Liberians. He further said if this objective is met it will help the Government in addressing the acute shortage of housing needs in Liberia AXHIS President concluded.

NHA Begin Housing Demand Survey Across the country including Ministries & Agencies

August 7, 2018

The management of National Housing Authority (NHA) has announced that it will begin a housing demand survey exercise throughout the country including GOL line ministries and agencies to inform its decision on the number of homes to be built. According to a press release, Hon. Duannah Siryon, Managing Director at the National Housing Authority said, the exercise is necessary and will inform NHA decision as he engages investment partners on a possible provision of housing units nation-wide and to have available such data at its fingertips

Hon. Siryon said “if said socio and economic data is collected across the country, it will inform our decision on how many low, medium and high-income affordable housing units are required to be built across the various counties. He said the NHA is creating a database that will hold thousands of information on housing demand throughout the country because said data will be accessed at all time in allowing investment partners to understand the market demand before investments are made available.

The release further said the exercise is highly necessary because it is one of President George Manneh Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration builds affordable housing for Liberians under the pro-poor agenda. Hon. Siryon said Monrovia is not Liberia and therefore the things that attract many Liberians to the nation’s capital must be provided to other counties, that way they can develop their areas as well. He emphasized that it is important to understand said data on ministries and agencies so that everyone can benefit.

He added “that a team of data collectors from the National Housing Authority will begin roaming line ministries and agencies beginning Tuesday, August 14 through August 30, 2018, to collect the needed information and is asking all agencies heads to kindly comply with the exercise by allowing interested employees to complete their one-page form. In addition, others who do not have such access can come to our office at the Executive mansion ground during business hours (9 am - 5 pm, Monday – Friday). They can call either of our customer service numbers at +231-881-161-932 / +231-779-116-139 or can request a blank form by emailing us on

Accordingly, Hon Siryon indicated that President George Manneh Weah is passionate about Liberians owning their own homes; such home must be modern, durable and affordable. Meanwhile, the exercise is also extended to diaspora Liberians who are contemplating on returning to the motherland.

NHA West Point Upgrading Consultative Town Hall Meeting with Residents

July 6, 2018

The National Housing Authority, under the leadership of Hon. Duannah Siryon held a successful meeting in the Township of West Point on Sunday, July 1, 2018 with Representative Solomon George of District Number 7, in attendance including Mr. William Dennis, Commissioner of the township and some members of the elders’ council and youth organization representatives.

Speaking during the meeting, Hon. Duannah Siryon, extended thanks and appreciation to Representative Solomon George for organizing said meeting alongside commissioner Dennis and other youth organization including Tenants and Home-Owners. Director Siryon, informed residents about the wish of President Weah to build a more affordable community that would transform West Point from a slum to another level where the community will have access to modern living standards.

“President Weah wants better improvement for the people of West Point and so he mandated the NHA and other related agencies to work together to upgrade the community amongst the 182 slum communities in Monrovia and its immediate environs, Director Siryon indicated. For his part, Commissioner Dennis expressed warmest thanks and appreciation to President Weah for his decision to provide better living conditions for the people of West Point and possibly change the community’s designation of a slum. He also appreciated the management of the National Housing Authority headed by Hon. Duannah Siryon including the District Representative Hon. Solomon George and some elders’ council who attended phase 1 of the meeting.

For his part, District Number 7, representative Hon. Solomon George also encouraged the two separate groups within the Township (Tenants and Home-Owners) to be cooperative to said exercise as it is intended to upgrade the Township, He said after said upgrading exercise processes are concluded Home – Owners will be relocated from their respective transient locations to a modern and revamp community under the Pro- Poor Government with an applaud from residents at the meeting. He used the occasion to informed all residents within the peninsula to erase the fears about a forceful evasion exercise as this Government wants to develop the land space and bring back fishermen and those who are into other businesses for their livelihood. Representative George meanwhile recommended to the NHA that community leaders should be allowed the opportunity to get involved in the discussions about the future of West Point that are held on the radio so that they can adequately explain the nature of the exercise to those directly affected.

In sperate remarks, Mr. Willie Toe, Sr. Chairman of the elder council appreciated the gathering and expressed thanks to President H. E George Manneh Weah for considering the Township after many slum communities and expressed his council wiliness in working with the NHA by bring the upgrading exercise to its full conclusion. In his closing remarks, Hon. Duannah Siryon, accepted in principles all recommendation contained regarding inclusion of all locals for construction purposes as it will put food on their table and provided the amount of Ten Thousand $ (10, 000.00) Liberian Dollars in preparation of the Friday, July 6, 2018 phase 2 of the Town- hall meeting schedule by 3: 00 PM at the same venue. The cash amount was given to Mr. William Dennis, Commissioner of the Township.

NHA Creates Rural Upgrading Department

June 3, 2018

As part of Liberia president, His Excellency George Mannah Weah mandate to modernize rural housing across the country, the National Housing Authority (NHA) has announced the creation of a Rural Upgrading Department responsible to oversee affairs on rural communities in the country

According to a press release, NHA Managing Director Hon. Duannah Siryon said the creation of the Rural Upgrading Unit (RUU) has become necessary so that the NHA will be able to have available at its fingertips information about rural housing in the country. “For example,” Hon. Siryon said, “if we want to know how many affordable units that should be built in any rural community, we should have the information on hand right away without delaying because of feasibility study.” He said the NHA has decided to create a database that should hold thousands of information about rural housing throughout the country so that those data are easily accessible at the click of a button. “The creation of the RUU is necessary because it is one of President George Manneh Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration build affordable, modernized and durable housing for rural communities that will include electricity and safe drinking water,” he said.

Hon. Siryon said Monrovia is not Liberia and therefore the things that attract many Liberians from rural community should be provided to them so that they can live comfortably while developing their communities. He explained that President Weah has mandated the NHA to provide data on the total number of communities throughout the country that may benefit from the government’s rural housing project that is being worked out for the rural poor. “We will also need data on number of schools buildings that should be built or refurbished; the number of market stalls that should be built in a particular community, number of mud huts, population, clinics, etc.

“Then we want to know how many clinics and how much money will be needed for this grand program,” Hon. Siryon said. He added, “This particular department will roam from town to town and community to community to collect data that are needed for the government’s pro-poor rebuilding of communities. We need to be proactive and not reactive when the call comes.” “President Weah is passionate about rural development and the NHA has the mandate to work along with other state actors to get it done,” he said. Among several departments, the NHA has the Slum Upgrading Unit that is working with stakeholders to improve the living conditions of slum communities across the nation.

It may be recalled that Habitat for Humanity International and Cities Alliances recently completed a four-day meeting in Monrovia and developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is expected to be signed after reviewed by parties involved, including the Liberian government, to guide the government and partners effort to rebuild and upgrade slum communities throughout the country.

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Seeks Affordable Housing Opportunities in Cote d’Ivoire

March 29, 2018

Duannah Siryon, Managing Director of the National Housing Authority (NHA) has returned from a three-day visit to ENVIROSERVICES of Abidjan, La Cote d’Ivoire.

ENVIROSERVICES of Ivory Coast specializes in the construction of low income houses that leads to the improvement of slum communities with better care and services. According to an NHA press release, Hon. Siryon’s visit was due to an invitation from ENVIROSERVICES as a result of the Liberian Government’s Pro-Poor Agenda that focuses on the welfare of the poor. While in Abidjan, Hon. Siryon held discussions with the management of Enviroserces and toured various low-income properties across the country.

Enviroserces have agreed to partner with the National Housing Authority (NHA) to ensure successful completion of the Government’s Pro-Poor Agenda in the housing sector. “I was impressed with what the company can do to assist low income earners to own their own home,” Hon. Siryon said. “The company, through the NHA, will for example, submit a survey across Liberia to acquire names of low income Liberians who are interested in building their own a home.”

“After the submission of the survey, ENVIROSERVICES, through NHA, will form partnership with a bank, to secure loan to build the home for the homeowner who will then repay in a form of rent to own,” Hon. Siryon explained. He said while housing units could range as much as US$28,000, the NHA wants a low-income program that can build a house for US$10,000 and below.

“This is because the average income for any of our people living in slum communities cannot afford to pay any amount higher than that,” Hon. Siryon said. Hon. Siryon noted that the Ivorian company builds houses with sophisticated materials that can stand the rigors of climate change. “The materials also have fire resistant qualities,” he said. Hon. Siryon said the NHA is expected to conclude agreements with ENVIROSERVICES CI, saying it would be a big boost to the government’s efforts to change the lives of many thousands of Liberians who have lived in abject poverty and in unhealthy conditions.


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